How online censorship is being used to make you lose your individuality; here he is!

The Internet has caused a lot of concern for those who want to control the rest of humanity.Without media control to shape the public consciousness, they have realized that they can no longer use propaganda to control citizens. rice field. This is very problematic for the existing power status quo.
Therefore, they urgently need to find a way to control the internet and the content that goes viral online. . But how can you try to censor the entire Internet? Apparently it has happened, and people who want to control the Internet are using copyright. That’s true copyright.
What they do is when they find something on the internet that contradicts the direction they’re trying to guide our society, they rip it off and make it a kind of piracy when there’s no piracy. One group, bonus138 the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has created what they call the ‘Palace of Shame’. They call it a “fake internet censorship call.” Also, when something is removed from the internet, we post it on our website to protect that information.
The UK is currently working on the Three Strikes Rule. This means that if a website gets him arrested three times for copyright infringement, the site could be removed from the internet forever. Unfortunately, as you know, many websites are so interactive that it can be difficult to tell if someone has posted something that is copyrighted. Also, everyone hates plagiarism, so some people seem to agree, but over 71% disagree.
However, once these laws are enacted and used to shut down websites that run counter to major governments or existing powers, there are serious issues regarding transparency, dissent, or political dissent. occur. If this law is passed in the UK, I have no doubt other countries will crack down as China has done with the internet. This is a very bad move and very disappointing for truth and justice. I hope you will consider this.

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